ZTFE HOME for Zoroastrian Senior Citizens in the UK

Dear Members and Well-wishers
In recent years we have felt a need to establish a Senior Citizens Home for use by deserving senior citizens of our community in the UK. This Project has commanded the attention of our community for some time. It is a huge project, perhaps even bigger than the New Premises Project which was successfully accomplished thanks to our collective efforts and the generosity of the Zartoshty Family. In the recent months we have also accomplished some landmark projects, which we can all be very proud of. Our Patron Lord Bilimoria, the Zartoshty Family, the House of Tatas and many of our hard working generous members deserve full credit for these accomplishments
  • We successfully delivered THE EVERLASTING FLAME: ZOROASTRIANISM IN HISTORY AND IMAGINATION Exhibition at SOAS with core funding which will now exceed £180,000, all raised through voluntary donations.
  • We successfully launched the All Party Parliamentary Group for Zoroastrians, thanks to enormous work and support from Lord Bilimoria.
  • We repaired and modernised the Bungli and also built a new approach road at Brookwood Cemetery.
  • We soon hope to receive our young full-time Mobed who will be resident at our Zoroastrian Centre.
  • We are soon to launch the ZTFE UK Friends of B D Petit Parsee General Hospital – to raise funds for the excellent humanitarian work undertaken in Mumbai by the hospital.
Our team is now ready to take up the challenge to establish the very first Zoroastrian Senior Citizens Home in the London area. At its meeting on Tuesday 5th November 2013, the ZTFE Managing Committee and Trustees unanimous agreed to take up this Project.
We acknowledge the enormity of the task and therefore request all to assist us in whatever way they can. A Senior Citizens Home Steering Committee will be set up shortly.  Our veteran past president Mr Shahrokh Shahrokh is not keeping good health but we shall seek his guidance too from time to time. The SCHSC will undertake in the first instance – 2 tasks. It will prepare a document which details the vision of the Anjuman to accomplish this project. It will also undertake a feasibility study in order to take this project forward. These will be presented to the membership in due course.
Side by side, the ZTFE is also launching a new Senior Citizens Home Fund to enable donors to send in their contributions as well as to designate this fund as a recipient of Bequests. All contributions and Bequests received will be accounted separately and will be suitably invested and managed along with the Funds and Reserves of the ZTFE.
During informal approaches, several members have indicated their intention to leave substantial Bequests if ZTFE undertakes the establishment of a Senior Citizens Home in the London area. We believe the time has come to take up this project. As from today, the SCH Fund is open and donations to this Fund are most welcome.
With the Blessings of Ahura Mazda we shall accomplish this landmark project just as we have accomplished others in the last 2 decades.
Yours sincerely
Malcolm M Deboo            Dorab E Mistry
President                          Honorary Treasurer


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