Zoroastrians learning piano


From: Yasmine Jhabvala
Email: yjhabvala@gmail.com

As born of a Parsi father (Homy Jhabvala), who himself was raised in
Bombay (his father was the well-known Shiavax Jhabvala and his mother
the first woman president of the All India Women Association in there
1950’s), I would like to inform the Zoroastrian community throughout
the world that I am a partner in the Russian Traditional School of
Piano, in Geneva. I have obtained my diploma of virtuosity in this
school and have been immediately offered the possibility of becoming a
partner with my music and piano teacher.
Our school offers Master classes twice a year and it is international,
open to all students from all countries and communities.
Zoroastrians interested in learning or re-starting piano are most
welcome to contact me at my e-mail address above.
Yours sincerely,
Dr Y. Jhabvala


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