Zoroastrians Kasnavieh, celebrated Gahanbar, Farvardingan, Photos


Zoroastrians Kasnavieh, celebrated Gahanbar, Farvardingan, Photos 1Zoroastrians of Kasnavieh celebrated their Gahanbar one day before Farvardingan Jashn on Wednesday, 7th April 2010. See the photos:

Zoroastrians living Kesnavieh, like past years, one day before the celebration FARVARDINGAN
The Zoroastrian Hall Kesnavieh steel and residents will be held for another tribe and Nykandyshany in construction and reconstruction of the Forum have had cooperation, health care and forgiveness of God want.
Mhynbanv reading this Zoroastrian Rostami, director and Zoroastrian Association Kesnavieh Shabhram Dmhry responsible Office of Zoroastrians in Yazd were resident.
“Dmhry” on the part of his speech was done about Bazsazyhay Hall Kesnavieh steel rounds and speak of the things Parviz Mehri, responsible for keeping it in this forum Kshydhast, spoke goo


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