Zoroastrians India, Conflicting Trends


We Zoroastrians have survived  for thousands of years and there is no need to believe a few who want to be cremated and want to marry non-Zoroastrians. Our continuity is to be believed. After thousands of years we still name our kids Sorab and Rustom, Avan and Shireen – names that are thousands of years old. I know our numbers are going down – BUT try to reserve a “baug” for wedding or navjote. You have to book a year in advance. I wonder why??? Flats in Parsee colonies are at a premium and valued at crores of Rupees. Parsee youth now have the help of email, facebook, twitter, all sorts of “apps” so what is the problem???? The youth should get involved in all the activities within the community offered in their colonies, associations, sports events, social events, religious discussions and they CAN find their life partners. Of course some of our youth have to bring their expectations to the level that is not way off base. First they should see what
they themselves have to offer before looking for God Apollo with a Harvard degree, a 6 figure salary, driving  a  BMW!!!!   As Bill Cosby says in his book “Come on People!”  So I say think positive and find methods to enhance the quality and quantity of our great heritage.

Aban Daboo
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