Zoroastrians Fountain Regent Park London


The Zoroastrian’s’s Unknown History

This is a monument water fountain in the middle of Regent’s Park Central London.

Most Zoroastrian’s (Parsi’s)don’t even know what their ancestors have achieved. You should be proud to be a Parsi. Please share this will all your friends.

Name of monument : Ready Money Drinking Fountain

Description : Four-sided granite and marble gothic drinking fountain.

Location : North end of the Broad Walk.

History / background : Given to the park in 1869 by Sir Cowasjee Jehangir, a wealthy Parsi industrialist from Bombay, whose nickname was Ready Money. It was his thank-you for the protection he and fellow Parsi’s received from British rule in India.

Dates : 1869

Maintenance / care : The Royal Parks

Interesting facts : One of the largest drinking fountains in London. Contains 10 tonnes of Sicilian marble and four tonnes of red Aberdeen granite. It was unveiled by Princess Mary of Teck, later Queen Mary after whom Queen Mary’s Gardens are named.

Read more : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cowasji_Jehangir_Readymoney


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