Zoroastrian Youth of British Columbia Vancouver Events Sport Day


Zoroastrian Youth of British Columbia Vancouver Events Sport Day 1Zoroastrian Youth of British Columbia ANNUAL SPORTS DAY

Zoroastrian Youth of British Columbia annual sports day will take place on *Sunday, September 11th, 2011* at Mahon Park , 16th street & Jones Avenue , North Vancouver starting from 10.00am onwards.

All children participating in sports events under the age of 10 will receive
a free gift courtesy of ZSBC and its generous sponsors. Participation is by

10.00 AM to 10.30 AM Final Registration for Sports events/Zoroastrian
Study Classes
10.30 AM sharp Games begin
02.30 PM Prize distribution

Following are the events planned:-

*Children’s events:*
*Mens Events*:

50m                                    6-9 Yrs
25m                                  under 6 yrs
Shoe race                           under 9 yrs
Spoon & marble race         under 9 yrs

Men’s open 100m race            20+years
Men’s 400m race                    15+ yrs

Men’s walking race open         100m
Men’s shot putt                       20+ yrs

*Boys Events:*

Boys 100m                       10-14 yrs
Boys 100m                       15-20yrs
Boys 400m                       10-14yrs
Boys Shot Putt                  under 20 yrs

*Women’s Events*

Women’s open 100m race       20+ yrs
Women’s 400m race               15+ yrs
Womens walking race open     100m
Women’s shot putt                 20+ yrs

*Girls Events*:

Girls 100m                        10-14 yrs
Girls 100m                        15-20 yrs
Girls 400m                       10-14yrs
Girls Shot Putt                   under 20 yrs

*Open Events*
Mixed Open 1 mile race
Seniors Walking Race              100m
Three Legged Race                   200m
Tug O War

For fundraising, food will be sold at reasonable rates at our food stall.

We request you to kindly confirm your participation in advance by emailing
Mehernosh Kasad atmehernoshkasad@yahoo.com or call him at (604)
214-0578. When e-mailing please write the name of the person participating along with his/her age and the name of the events.


Dear Community Members,

We would like to welcome everyone to a new term of the Zoroastrian Studies
classes. We are very thankful for all the support and enthusiasm shown by
all the parents and children during the last year.

As we start the new term, we would like to give you a brief outline of some
of the exciting events that will take place. These activities may occur
after spending some time on religious studies or an entire morning dedicated
to it.

*1.* *A Drawing Competition:* A theme will be given to the children in

*2.* *A General Knowledge Quiz Competition:* This will encourage children to
form a habit of reading and retaining important information.

*3.* *Story Telling:* We will read short Persian stories to the children
from Firdausi’s Shahname to keep our children associated with our culture..
We would like to invite any and all youth who are interested in reading
stories to younger children to participate in this class.

*4.* *Cooking Classes:* This is to inculcate the importance of helping out
in the kitchen and being self-sufficient. We will teach them to prepare
sandwiches, salads and traditional dishes.

*5.* *Fitness Classes:* Let the kids know the importance of staying fit with
exercise and healthy eating. These sessions will include learning fun games
while including physical activity.

Registration will open on *Sunday, September 11th 2011,* at the ZSBC sports
day at Mahon Park . Registration Fees: $ 20. Alternatively you can register
by calling

·  *Shiraz Italia* at *604-274-4973; *e-mail: *shirazitalia@hotmail.com*
·  *Sherin Khapoliwala* at *604-987-5324*; e-mail: *sherinyk@shaw.ca*

We hope to see you all in big numbers at the Zoroastrian Studies classes.

Please visit http://www.zyouth.org/ for the latest updates on upcoming events.


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