Zoroastrian Student Association Celebration

USC+SadehZoroastrian Student Association at USC would like to invite you to attend an evening full of joy and happiness celebrating Sadeh on Friday February 15th at the University of Southern California.
Jashne Sadeh is the celebration of life, happiness, family values, friendship, love and kindness. It is a festivity to honor fire and to defeat the forces of darkness, frost and cold.We honor the fire wellspring,  starting our Jashn with traditional Fire ceremony and Avesta prayers, continuing with professional  music and dance performance, serving Persian dinner, following a show by famous Iranian singer Michael and ending our Jashn with DJ Mike Soltani and dance.

This event will give us the chance to introduce our rich and ancient culture to a broader community.

It is our pleasure to see all of you in the event. Your support would warm our hearths and increase our enthusiasm to expand truth in the community.

Please visit our website www.ZartoshtUSC.com  for ticketing and more information.


Zoroastrian Student Association
University of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA


  1. Are you guys planning a Chaharshanbeh Soori and Noruz Celebration as well? Unfortunately, I just ran across this site today and noticed that I have missed the SADEH festivities. Is there any way I can join some kind of a mailing list for future events? Thank you in advance for your attention.



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