Dear Friends,
    We enclose an invitation which if read clearly will prove that the Ancient Agiary is in a good condition since the Jasan is scheduled inside the Agiary, if the Agiary was in a poor shape and condition would any one conduct a general Jasan inside the Agiary!!
    The invite is enclosed, the same is self explanatory.
    Thanking you in anticipation,
    Yours truly
    Wellwisher for Heritage Fire Temple.

    —To: zcommissariat@hotmail.com, nmbilimoria@duanemorris.com, klimath@gmail.com, khodayarattaie@gmail.com, webteam@on-lyne.com
    Date: Friday, 1 January, 2010, 1:22 PM

    Dear Friend,
    Best wishes for the New Year 2010 & Compliments of the season.
    A small request,

    We reside at Thane Maharashtra, India, which houses a 225 year old Fire Temple, this ancient Fire temple will very soon be torn down and a brand new Fire temple will be erected.

    Reason for the same is that the roof is slightly damaged and the wall slightly damaged, here if only partial repairs are done the structure will remain sturdy for about 225 years more.
    TPZA & Thana Agiary Fund has currenly given the contract to an agency which will do the construction work, this is expected to start any time now. We wonder how the local Municipal Office and the Heritage Committee has approved the said plans… Once this work starts we Parsee’s will have to live with a modern Fire Temple and our children and grand children will cuse us daily since we could not preserve our Heritage Structure.

    We hope that you and your esteemed office bearers will do the needful at the very earliest so that the prize relic fire temple will be preserved in its ancient glory, by just repairing the said roof and wall(s), instead of completely breaking and re constructing the same. This is nothing but a politically motivated gimic, with unclear motives…

    Can we expect your timely help, in preserving our culture and heritage??

    The Covasjee Patell Fire Temple is located at: Jambli Naka, THane West Pin 400 601, Maharashtra State, India.

    The trustees of Thana Agiary Fund , if required, can be contacted at (022) 25378103 and the Chairman of Thana Agiary Fund can be contacted at 022-26790948 & (cell number) 09820220212.
    And the contact number of TPZA Thane is 022-25377121 and its President can be contacted at 09820138267.
    Also the number of the Trustee who is prominently coordinating on this matter is 09820181818.

    Please use your contacts and stop this new construction, immediately, this will preserve the Heritage structure.

    Kindly HELP immediately, lots of Parsee brothers and sisters are depended on you and your office bearers.

    Thanking you in anticipation,
    Yours truly
    Wellwisher for Heritage Fire Temple.
    ———>> INVITE
    The Trustees of THANA AGIARY FUND, THANA ZOROASTRIAN CHARITY FUND & THANA PARSI ZOROASTRIAN ANJUMAN invite All Zoroastrians of Thana & Members of the Anjuman to celebrate the 230th Salgirah Celebration of Cawasji Patell Agiary on

    Tuesday the 23rd February 2010 Roj Adar, Mah-Meher Y.Z. 1379.

    The programme for the evening is as follows:

    1. It commences with Homage to God Almighty with a Hama Anjuman Machi at 4.00 pm on behalf of Thana Agiary Fund.

    2. This will be followed by a Jashan ceremony at 5.00 pm at the Agiary.

    3. Welcome address by Chairman of the Thana Agiary Fund at 6.15 pm.

    4. Religious Lecture by noted religious scholar and Panthaky Saheb of Vatcha Gandhi Agiary, Hughes Road, Dasturji Saheb Ervad Aspandiar Dadachandji at 6.30 pm on the subject “Shifting of Atash Padshah Saheb, reinstating of Atash Padshah and the ceremony of Machi and Boi.”

    5. Thanksgiving by the President of Thana Parsi Zoroastrian Anjuman.

    6. Followed by Dinner at 8.30 pm.

    Dinner Coupons at a subsidised rate of Rs.50 for Parsi / Irani Zoroastrian residents of Thane. No charges for children below 5 years.

    Members of the community may collect their Dinner Coupons from THANA AGIARY Office or
    TPZA Office in the morning between 10 am to 12 noon or from any of the following volunteers;

    Mrs.Khorshed Bhesania ‘ 25362712 Ms. Hufriz Bhagwagar ‘ 25368560
    Mrs. Havovi Billimoria ‘ 9819006165 Mrs.Dilshad Mistry ‘ 9967031320
    Mrs. Yasmin Wadia ‘ 25448869

    Last date for issue of coupons is 19th February 2010. Members are requested to please collect their coupons before this date to enable us to plan the function. Please note that no coupons will be issued after the last date mentioned above.

    We hope to see all Zoroastrians present with their families in large numbers to make the function a grand success.

    All Zoroastrians are cordially invited to the Function Jointly organised by

    The TRUSTEES of


    Devoted to the service of our dear community.
    2nd February 2010


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