I am not trying

To be an enigma

If one turns back

The pages of history

One will read of

Genocide taking place

In civilized society


Zoroastrianism is no exception

Is part & parcel of the game

Where the leaders & Priests

Openly flaunt Racism

Discrimination Bigotry

Segregation without

Any shame


Their Ego & Pride

Knows no bounds

As long as we

Look up to them

With adoring eyes

Filled with awe

As well as adulation

While they spill

Sacrilege & lies


Democracy was not

Achieved in a

Single day or year

Took innocent lives

Blood sweat tears.


If one wants

To break free

Speak up

And a stand

As it’s said

Divided we fall

United we stand


Before archeologists

Go digging for artifacts

And discover and

Zoroastrian bones

Let it not come to that

It’s time for some action

By taking the Bull by the horns


Choicest Happiness


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