Zoroastrian Association of Greater Boston Area ZAGBA Seminar


Dear ZAGBA Community,

Zoroastrian Association of Greater Boston Area ZAGBA Seminar 1

We thank all of you
who RSVPed for the ZAGBA Seminar on Sunday, Feb 7th. Due to unforeseen circumstances, one of our speakers for
the talk on Sunday, Feb 7th. will be in India and unable to participate
in the ZAGBA seminar we had planned for the community. We will
reschedule this event with Yuhan Vevaina and Dinyar Patel and look
forward to their presentations sometime very soon.

Since we have reserved the Shawsheen room at the Bedford Town Hall,
instead of the seminar we will be showing a fascinating film ‘Keepers
of the Flame’ which is a must see for all Zoroastrians, all Indians,
all entrepreneurs, all philanthropists…

“The film ‘Keepers of the Flame’ immortalized the life and times of the three great Tata stalwarts �
Jamsetji Tata, J.R.D Tata and Naval Tata. The movie interlaces
the lives of the three men with the great events that took place in
India and Europe during a period that spans from the beginning of the
Victorian era to the end of the twentieth century and encompasses
adventure, conflict and sterling achievement. An on-screen
narration by Kabir Bedi takes the film through various locations to
bring the stories to life and is buttressed by vivid period photographs
and archival film footage. The film has been produced and directed by
Zafar Hai, who has won international awards for his documentary films.”
— Televisionpoint.com

We invite everyone to come for this very special screening of the ‘Keepers of the Flame’ and bring your guests. We hope all parents whose children attend religious classes will come for this simultaneous activity.

DATE AND TIME: Sunday, February 7th at 2:15-3:30 pm.

LOCATION: Shawsheen Rm, Bedford Town Hall, 12 Mudge Rd., Bedford, MA
(where the Children’s Religious Classes are held, not where the
functions are held).
RSVP: by Feb 4th if you have not already RSVPed or if your previous RSVP has changed.


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