Zoroastrian association 150th anniversary, Prince Philip Attends


Prince Philip ‘delighted’ to attend Harrow Zoroastrian association’s 150th anniversary
Oct 6 2011 By Ian ProctorPRINCE Philip was wrapped in a shawl – the highest honour for a guest – while celebrating 150 years of the South Harrow-based Zoroastrian association.The Duke of Edinburgh was treated to a traditional welcome at 11am at the Zoroastrian Centre in Alexandra Avenue when Parsi and Iranian women in brightly coloured dress traced seven circles in the air in front of him with auspicious objects of prosperity – an egg, a coconut and an almond wrapped in a paan leaf. http://www.harrowobserver.co.uk/west-london-news/local-harrownews/2011/10/06/prince-philip-delighted-to-attend-harrow-zoroastrian-association-s-150th-anniversary-116451-29551097/
ZNA: Watch the video clip from BBC Persian TV site from 52’10″” at:


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