Zarrir Bhandara – A Real Life Hero


Zarrir Bhandara - A Real Life Hero 1Zarrir Bhandara A Real life Hero*
An actor on silver screen becomes a hero by saving lives in a movie.

We have a real life hero amongst us who* has saved over 300 lives.*
On December 21st 09, **** Zarrir Bhandara or ZB was awarded a plaque by the American Red Cross *Donor Center Coordinator* Mr. Peter D Vu at *Santa Ana Donor Center **for donating his blood and blood products to save lives*.
* Zarrir Bhandara a Vegetarian by choice, has saved more than 300 lives* by donating through American Red Cross, CHOC, Hoag hospital and Kaiser Permanente for* anybody who is in need of blood or blood products.*

Zarrir has been donating through Red Cross since *April 19th, 1998 .*Till date he has made *128 donations* through Red Cross alone.

Let us all follow Zarrir Bhandara’s example and start saving lives.


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