Zarins Secrets to revive old Parsee recipes


Zarin’s Secrets, is a venture started by me through which I am trying to revive old Parsee recipes. I have with me, my grand mothers old recipes for Home Made Authentic Masalas as well as Bhakras , chutney for Patra ni Machi , Kolmi No Achchar, Gajar meva nu achchar, Kachi keri no Murabbo and Gor papri to name a few.

Zarins Secrets

My aim is to keep adding to the repertoire…. In the Masalas, I sell Parsee Dhana Jeeru masalas, Parsee Sambhar masalas, Dhansaak Masalas and Parsee Curry masalas. All masalas when sold are given along with a recipe of the dish whose masalas you have bought. The idea is to make easy Parsee cooking even easier and take it straight to your kitchen.

Please do check out my page on Facebook Zarin’s Secrets and contact me if interested.

Thank you
Shelley Subawalla

Mobile: +919810590569


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