Zarathushtis in the News


* Meherzad Kelawala :

(in Business Briefs section of India West of March 23. 2012)
“Banking Business Launched
Signal Hill Holdings LLC, the parent of Baltimore, Md.-based investment bank Signal Hill Capital Group LLC, has launched Signal Hll Capital Advisory India Pvt. Ltd., and investment banking business based in Bangalore…….
Meherzad Kelawala, former associate VP, investment banking at Ernst & Young India, has joined the team.”

* Jeroo Billimoria
(from India West of March 30, 2012) (see full article at link

Social Entrepreneur Teaches Street Kids How to Manage Money”

Jeroo Billimoria, founder & MD of Child and Youth Finance International. (NASDAQ photo)
a.. United States

Serial social entrepreneur Jeroo Billimoria, founder of Child and Youth Finance International, rang the NASDAQ opening bell in New York Mar. 21.

Billimoria’s appearance at the stock exchange came at the conclusion of the first International Child and Youth Finance Week in which 26 countries took part. Billimoria’s organization, based in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, aims to create a network of partners across the globe which can train low-income children in money management and give them access to financial institutions by changing existing banking laws.

Founded six months ago, CYFI aims to reach 100 million kids in 100 countries around the world by 2015. It operates on a $675,000 budget, based primarily on an award from the Palo Alto, Calif.-based Skoll Foundation. Billimoria, who has spoken at the World Economic Forum and received fellowships from the Ashoka Foundation and the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship, is recognized as one of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs……………..…….”
* Darius Khambata
(received from Minocheher Damania via email)
“Khambata is state’s new AG

S??ati Deshpande TNN

Mumbai: Darius Khambata, the additional solicitor general (ASG) is now the new Maharashtra advocate general (AG). The

state cabinet on Monday approved Khambata as the state??s top law officer, two months after Ravi Kadam resigned from

the post.

The legal fraternity welcomed Khambata??s appointment, which comes three days before his 51st birthday. Goolam

Vahanvati, the attorney general for India and who was the Maharashtra advocate general in the early 2000, said, “It is an

excellent choice. The Centre??s loss is the state??s gain.”

Khambata, a Harvard Law alumnus, prefers to keep a low profile. He is the member of the London court of international

arbritation. As the top law officer for the central government in Mumbai, he appeared in all leading matters including the

Adarsh scam, Lavasa, for the CBI and ED. He is well known in the law corridors for his “formidable reputation for the most

painstaking preparation of his matters,” as the Bombay Bar Association had said on his appointment as the ASG in July


* Dr. Ray Irani (mentioned in my previous email) may not be a Zarathushti. He is from Lebanon (son of Rida and Naz Irani). I tried to get information from Occidental Petroleum office but no luck. I wrongly assumed as he was mentioned in India West article about Indians getting award.


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