ZAGBA FUNDRAISING and COMMUNITY BUILDING CALENDAR 1Based on your overwhelmingly positive responses to a recent survey, ZAGBA will be creating a 2010-2011 FUNDRAISING and COMMUNITY-BUILDING CALENDAR containing 1) photographs (and captions) of members of our community and family/friends, 2) ZAGBA, Zarathushti, national and international days along with Fasli and Shahanshahi dates and 3) educational information about the Zarathushti faith.

Calendar spots in the past have
been for birthdays, wedding anniversaries, in memory of loved ones, navjote dates, special calendar dates (Mother’s Day, Father’s Day), recognition of places (Atashbehrams), special Zarathushti dates (Navroze, Papeti). We encourage you to be creative and also use less well-known holidays, events and observances (i.e. from other countries, United Nations Day, Friendship Day) as well.

Those families and individuals interested in being a part of the ZAGBA calendar, please send a complete email to

AS SOON AS POSSIBLE but not later than FEB 16, 2010 containing ALL of the following:
1) Requested DATES/SPOTS $25 donation each – if you purchase 4 spots, you will get an additional spot free. If you have to share your spot/date with someone else, the donation will be $15 for that spot.
2) CAPTIONS for each date/spot
3) High resolution digital PHOTOS for each date/spot
4) Number of CALENDARS you would like to purchase at our discounted printing rate of $15
Send in your requests/photos as soon as possible so that we can have this calendar ready to hand out at our March 20th Norooz event. Payments for calendar dates and calendar purchases will be collected at the March event or by mail
after the calendar has been completed.

If you would like to VOLUNTEER to be part of this year’s CALENDAR TEAM, please send an email as this is a time-intensive project and any help will be greatly appreciated.

Also send us any questions, suggestions to improve the calendar. If you have not had a chance to see last year’s calendar, please let us know and we can email an image of a page for you to view.


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