Your assistance for correct emails in KZBM Directory


Below email from Toxy Cowasjee for all Ex-Pakistani Zoroastrian’s now settled abroad……Pl do respond to Toxy as she is doing this very important herculean task on her own & do make her effort’s fruitful please…..This Directory is priceless……


KZBM will be republishing their A & T directory end of September 2009 and as you are aware it is used not only in Pakistan but abroad by exPakistanis.

At the rear of the directory there is a section for exPakistanis with their name, city or town, state, and email address which is put countrywise.

As no one bothers to inform their information unless asked for, this is where I am requesting for your assistance if you can send an email to people who you know are ex Pakistanis and living outside of Pakistan.

The format:

Surname – Name and if female & married the maiden name – town or city – state – country – email address which is used (one only)
Not a list of children as well please. Only adults.

eg: Birdie Zersis/Havovi (nee Tarapore) : Los Angeles : CA :

If this can be circulated in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, UK, Europe, and elsewhere, I will be most thankful.

Zersis may be you can also put it in the ZNA digest.

replies to be sent to: Toxy Cowasjee –

thank you.
Toxy (Cowasjee)


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