What is Zoroastrian Religion about


Zoroastrianism is based around the concepts of Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Deeds and Good and Evil. The religion itself is older than what modern scholars date it; it has existed before the dawn of time, before written history. It is believed by many Zoroastrians today that the religion was founded 8000 years ago. This is a traditional date as we see in the Denkard and the Shahnameh but is thought to be mythical by most scholars. The Gathas support the 1500BC date because they were believed to be composed by the founder of the religion, Zarathustra Spitama. However, the date of 6000BC was supported by the Ancient Greeks and would probably have been more accurate as they were the first foreign people to put a date on the founding of our religion. Kings of the past like Jamshed are thought to be mythical as they existed before written history but in the Iranian tradition they really existed and are remembered as the first kings of Iran rather than the Elamites, Medians and Achaemenids. It is interesting how it was 8000 years ago that the last ice age ended and civilization began but according to books like the Denkard King Jamshed’s kingdom existed throughout the period but when it ended he took the best and purest of his people so that Zoroastrianism would survive. This was a mythical story to Western Scholars until recently. In 2010, Underground Aliens, an episode of the series Ancient Aliens an Underground city was found by the name of Derinkuyu. Archaeologists wonder if this was the ’mythical’ place the Denkard mentions where Jamshed took his people. This evidence if proved to be true could make Zoroastrianism the oldest religion in the world which would really show how great and influential it was to mankind. Today, Zoroastrianism may be a small religion but in the past has proven to revive itself from dark times. I am very confident that the dark days of the religion are coming to an end and it will be revived and the lost texts will be found. Most people would disagree with my belief and say it’s not possible considering the Islamist Iranian Government but there are many stories of Muslim Iranians who want to return to their roots and want to be part of the religion their land once belonged to

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