Weekly Hum Bandagi On The Internet

Many Parsis may have noticed that in many religions like Catholicism, Islam, Hinduism, and Judaism the community gathers together every Sunday “in person” at their Church, Mosque, Temple or Synagogue to be in touch with their God, culture and religion. We Parsis have found it difficult in Los Angles and other parts of the world, to get-together frequently as a community because the distance to our Agyari is very far.
Hence I have decided to start broadcasting our weekly Hum-Bandagi on the internet.
The main broadcast will be from the ZAC Center by Dasturji Zarrir Bhandara 
on Sundays (11:45a – 12:45p PST), 
where you can join in person followed by potluck lunch.
We are going to be using my home (in Arcadia) as the first “satellite gathering center” 
for San Gabriel Valley Parsis, for us to get together  “in person” every Sunday in person to attend this Hum-Bandagi.
We need volunteers in other satellite locations who are willing to host this Hum-Bandagi gathering at their homes (like San Diego, Ventura, Oxnard, Simi Valley etc).
The Hum Bandagi’s will be stored on YouTube for anyone to access anytime.
There are many Parsis in remote locations that can join the Hum Bandagi OR play these recordings to offer prayers and receive Ahura Mazda’s blessings in their hour of need or celebration.
Please help us in making this program of our faith successful.
Malcolm Pithawalla


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