Vancouver, Vrahram Izad Celebration, Photos


Vancouver, Vrahram Izad Celebration, Photos 1Prayer group Vrhram Yasht day in October in Vhram god Lord Rostam Gyv held in Vancouver, Canada. Worship program in the prayer hall by priests: Jamshid Jamshidi, Ardeshir Bhy Toraj Khodabakhshi and was carried out.The program for the first time in this case held that the residents were highly regarded. After the prayer ceremony, Zoroastrian priest Ardeshir Bhy doctor about phonemes and meanings of Avesta and it gave an address at the end of questions answered. At the end was drawing with his audience.
Is mentioned speaker month, Zoroastrian priest doctor Toraj Khodabakhshi About Vhram god and will speak Varjavand Bahram Shah said
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