USA Father of Persian Archaeology Dies



Father of Modern Archeology in Iran Dies at 87

Tehran, Feb 5, 2009: Prominent Iranian archeologist Ezzatollah Negahban has died at the age of 87 after years of suffering from neurodegenerative diseases.

The US-based scientist, who was suffering from Alzheimer+s and Parkinson+s passed away on Feb. 1, 2009.

Known as the founder of Iran+s modern archeology, Professor Negahban studied archeology at Tehran University and the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago.

Negahban conducted comprehensive studies in numerous archeological sites including Zagheh Hill, Marlik Cemetery, Qazvin Plain and Haft-Tappeh. A large pat of his reports, photos, books and notes have been donated to TehranUniversity.

Negahban discovered the largest amount of gold during excavations in Iran and his efforts to regulate archeological affairs greatly decreased the number of illegal excavations in the country.


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