Faravahar, symbol of Zoroastrianism

Every religion is
Like a Tinderbox
Zoroastrianism is 
No Exception
As long as it’s
Sealed and locked
There are no “explosions”

Every human is
Gifted with thoughts
Words Deeds
To create a life
That he/she Sees fit

Nobody is perfect Imperfect, pure
Impure,.Nobody owns Anybody including
For that matter
Nobody is
Right or wrong
Imposing one’s
Opinion on someone else
Is totally utterly un-Zoroastrian.

Focus on the Pristine Tenets
Of Zoroastrianism
Like Acceptance
Tolerance treating people with dignity
Than performing rituals,visiting
Atash Behrams and agiaries
Or the vibrations under the Atash Behram etc…
As well  practising
Racism Discrimination Bigotry
Let’s leave this place livable
For Humanity

He too has a mind of His OwnHe did turn a deaf ear
Where Covid19 was concerned
May that was the best lesson
We ever learn’tMay be more is yet to come (Who knows?)

Lastly: Do unto others what you would like others to do unto you


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