The Power of Prayers



The Power of Prayers

“Morning has broken”

It’s new day!

Prayers when recited

Keeps the ugliness

At bay

Food is for the body

Prayers for the Soul

One without the other

Can’t ,make the person whole

“No fire or Coal so hotly glows

As the secret love of which

No one knows”

When Prayers begin to flow

I am reminded to trudge

The Path of Straight & Narrow

When I pray

My heart begins to sing

As they are like a

“Wind beneath my wings”

“Lean on me”

That’s what the prayers

Seem to say:

“We’ll take all

Tears,Sadness &blues

Out of your way”

Whatever I have done

And said

I do my best

‘Cause the

Power of Prayers

Takes care of the rest


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