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The Bombay Samachar 1The Bombay Samachar 16/05/2010


Since THE BPP REVIEW is making a sincere effort, for the first time, to turn itself into a readable magazine, it must learn from the 2010 Issue of HAMAZOR.

Superbly and sleekly produced, this publication of the WZO makes heart warming reading for every Zoroastrian, just as Dinshaw Tamboly’s social work amongst the rural Parsi poor demonstrates who is a true Parsi Zoroastrian.

Printed and produced in Karachi, it demonstrates an international quality of the product, far ahead of India. Toxy Cowasjee of Karachi, its editor, deserves to be congratulated.

The BPP must also learn from the WZO Funds and Projects report. Rehabilitation of Zoroastrian farmers, rural housing, self-employment and micro credit, educational assistance, holidays for the poor, substantial relief to the very poor, mobeds, Centre for Senior Citizens, economy housing at Navsari and Sanatorium at Sanjan. Tamboly and his wife, Bachi’s, great efforts on the ground, are being intelligently financed by the WZO.

Shapur Captain narrates the benevolence of Mehraban Farhangi and his magnificent donations.

Equally impressive is WZO’s record to disseminate knowledge of Zoroastrian religion through the last decade.

The scholarly Professor Kaikhoshrov Irani’s article on the enlightened vision of Zarathushtra’s faith makes engrossing reading on Zoroastrian religious thought. A photo journey on Navsari’s Atashbehram is simply brilliant. A light hearted piece on Iran from Bachi Karkaria’s punning pen regales.

Some solace that while we continue to fight, bicker, abuse, fret, issue fatwas, litigate, be perverse, bigoted, fanatical and comically black; our fellow Zoroastrians in London and elsewhere are truly following the teachings of the Prophet.

On a happier note, HAMAZOR’s issue has a striking cover, a picture of Rafael’s School of Athens showing Zoroaster holding a celestial sphere, debating with Ptolemy who bears a terrestrial globe. Quite appropriate, indeed.


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