Tehran, Vastar Prizes


Parisa Kooklari and Kamraan Kaykhosrawi receive VASTAR Prize in Tehran, Firooz-bahram High school. This prize is given to the most prominent research/work on science, technology, and art to young Zoroastrians under 25 year old.

Parisa receives VASTAR Prize because of her fine handicraft consisted of miniature drawing showing a royal garden-party of one of the ancient Persian kings surrounded by another type of fine art named Tazhib with a complex of flower, plant and bird. Parisa, now 20, started making it when she was 17. This art work was also known as an outstanding work during national competition of Iran high-schools. Parisa lives in Shiraz and starts to study at University and learns and works on Mo’aragh (fine drawing by puzzle-like pieces of wood) also.

Kamraan, now 20, initiated a very interesting mathematical relation between volume and surface in geometry since 5 years ago. He presented this innovative work to the most popular scientific competition in Iran. Recently his innovation was ranked second at Khaarazmi young Scientific Festive, a prestigious scientific competition. His innovation is appreciated so much by University professors. Kamraan, born in Yazd, is now studying Engineering at Sharif Industrial University.

VASTAR Prize consists of a golden medallion in the shape of Vastar logo and cash prize, totally equal to 1350 Euros. This year at the second round of VASTAR Prize, two prizes were given to these two young Zoroastrians. For more information in Persian, please visit



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