Tata Indian Airlines, Ratan Tata, Rejection of Bribe


Tata Indian Airlines, Ratan Tata, Rejection of Bribe 1Tata Indian Airlines

On TVASIA cable news, it was reported that during a recent conference / meeting in Dehradun, India, The current chief of Tata Industries, Mr. Ratan Tata disclosed an unsuccessful attempt by an Indian government minister to obtain a bribe from the Tatas.

Mr. Ratan Tata, mentioned that several years back, the Tatas were trying to form a new private airline in collaboration with Singapore Airlines, but in spite of approaching three different governments and three chief ministers,
their proposal to start this airline was always thwarted by one specific minister. And, that while flying on a business trip, another industrialist sitting next to him, told him that “you people are stupid…. why don’t you pay this minister the sum of Rs. 14 crores that he is seeking in order to approve your new airline…..” To that remark, Mr. Ratan Tata replied that he wants to go to bed peacefully knowing that he had not started an airline by paying off a bribe to someone.

The gathered audience applauded his decision.

His predecessor, Mr. Jehangir R.D. Tata, had started India’s first commercial airline, originally called Tata Airlines during British rule of India, which later became independant India’s flag carrier airline, Air India, on which he continued to serve as Chairman for many years.


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