To Every Member and Non member of AZA


Zarathustis are known to withstand cultural and social changes. We can develop ourselves to become business leaders, entrepreneurs, executive officers, highly successful professionals and excel in careers of our own choice. We are gifted with above average enthusiasm and motivation in all spheres of life, business, profession, trade …….etc.. Zarathustis throughout the world have realised it is not too difficult to inculcate their faculties towards this aim.

WZCCA’s aim is to re-motivate the members young or otherwise in our community and help bring prosperity to individuals and families. We, as a community living in an adopted welfare society (a lucky country, they say) and now enjoying the good life, have to some extent, perhaps, fallen short of the time-honoured enthusiasm and grit our forefathers had exhibited.

The time has come for the whole community to go back to the roots of our ancestors i.e. do business, succeed, mentor others, and donate some of the personal and financial success back to the community and, for the community to encourage our youth to go on a path of success.

Our first priority is to get people to become members of the WZCCA. The plain and simple reason is for financial purposes as at present we as a committee are very much restricted in doing and achieving what we want to do i.e. finding good quality speakers, buying thank you gifts for guest speakers, starting a youth award program, starting a mentoring system for our younger and not so younger members and so on…

To make this dream come true, the present committee has put their hands in their pockets and supported this great cause. We are growing strong slowly and steadily and we need finance to keep this dream going and becoming a reality.

We need more members!! We need members to make some commitments (a) to help us raise funds so that we can progress (b) to find quality guest speakers from within and outside our community to attract our youth and set up parameters to encourage our youth to receive annual awards. Further our vision is to have enough money in the kitty to give scholarships to our deserving youth entering their University education on a yearly basis.

These visions can only be met with kind hearted people like yourselves who not only donate their time but also make personal and financial contributions towards our cause.

Any support through your membership and your help to secure some donations from your family and friends will always be gratefully appreciated.

Also, please, it is my humble request that you spread the word and encourage others to join us and make our dream for the the community come true. .

Last but not the least, we request your support in pushing for approving our proposal at the AGM to authorise the incoming committee to donate $100.00 a month to WZCCA to keep the ball rolling.

We would genuinely appreciate your help in this matter.

Thanking you

Adil Sarkari


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