Sydney, Austrlia, Cyrus(tg) Day, 29Oct


Today, Thursday 29 Oct 2009 (Sydney time) we had a double celebration of Cyrus’s Day in Sydney, Australia.
1. In our Dar e Mehr garden we unveiled a brand new bas-relief of Cyrus the Great. It was presented to our Australian Zoroastrian Association of New South Wales by Mr Homer Abramian, Founder of the Persian Cultural Foundation, Australia and his colleague Mt Akbar Eghbali. Mr Perviz Dubash of Melbourne in collaboration with Mr Phil Madon of the World Zoroastrian Chamber of Commerce – Australia were the initiators of the project. It was designed by Mr Hushang Saihun and sculpted by Mr Peter Scipperheyne.
2 It was also the 15th anniversary of the first unveiling of an exact replica of the bas-relief of Cyrus the Great as it still stands in Parsagard (Greek: Pasargadae), Iran in ruins. This unveiling had been done in the Olympic Park, close to the later built Olympic Stadium, so that thousands of people had an opportunity to view it.
If you wish view the happy pictures here is a short Power Point presentation to appreciate the description of the Left bas-relief. There were two bas reliefs at the Gate house entrance to Parsagard. The opposite Right bas-relief has been vandalized along with the Gate house, the ruins of which are seen in the foreground. The two bas-reliefs were fondly called the ‘Spirit of the Great King’ in the manifest physical state guarding the newly built City of Parsagard by his grateful subjects.
Please note the peeks of the Alborz Mountain range arising from the valleys in the distance. The stones, gravel, building blocks and lime stones for the construction of the new City were harvested from these mountains.
Please note also that there is no fortress wall built to guard the City. Stone walls had no place in the Great King’s manner of thinking. The best security he could offer his subjects was through their hearts and minds. His benevolent nature did ensure that there was no revolt or disquiet during his rule.
Unshielded, both the bas-relief and his tomb have withstood the test of time – 2,500 years.

Happy viewing.


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  3. In memory of my late father Cawas Jehangirji Bardoliwalla, Prominent Architect / Mechanical Engineer for the eminent automobile / aerospace giant Rolls Royce (UK) ltd (1936-1978), deeply missed by family and friends.

    In Ernest

    His beloved son,

    Neville Cawas Cyrus Bardoliwalla BSc (Hons) U of L

    ( Parsi and proud of it )

  4. Son: Neville Cawas Cyrus Bardoliwalla

    My late father Cawas Jehangirji Bardoliwalla was born in Bombay and attended The Sir J.J.P.B Institution and was to be the Highest amongst those who Passed The S.S.C.Examination in 1953. He subsequently went on to achieve a 1st Class Honours Degree in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Bombays Technical Instute for Science and Technology. He was awarded a full honorary Scholarship from The ex-students Jubilee fund to further his studies at London’s Imperial College of Science and Technology during which time he worked alongside Professor D.B.Spalding CBE in the field of Heat Transfer and Rocket Combustion from 1958 to 1961 and was later awarded The Prestigious DIC (The Diploma of ‘Membership’ of The Imperial College). He was subsequently inducted as a Chartered Member of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and later went on to be appointed Senior Architect at The World Most illustrious Car Giant Rolls Royce & Bentley Motors UK Ltd. Three months prior to his death he was due for promotion as Head of Aerospace (Civil & Defence) Archtectural Engineering and Design at Rolls Royce’s Aerospace Divisional HQ in Crew. Sadley he passed away due to heart failure in 1978 aged just 44 years. Deeply missed.
    Courtesy of Parsis, Iranis, Zarathushtis All Under One Roof – All Rights Reserved 2013


    Neville Cawas Cyrus Bardoliwalla OBE


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