Sydney, Australia, New Board


Dear Community members,

We would like to introduce our new committee members who have come on
board after the Annual General Meeting i.e. 18 October 2009.

President – Seema Honarmand email :
Home phone 9476 5696 (6pm to 9pm only)

Vice President – Zubin Bilimoria email
Home phone 9476 5696 (6pm to 9pm only)

Treasurer – Avan Umrigar address 7/1 Hampden Road, Artarmon NSW 2064,
email : Home phone
8084 5210 (6pm to 9pm only)
Please mail all membership cheques to the new treasurer address.

Secretary – Jerestine Saher email :
Home phone 9683 7975 (6pm to 9pm only)

Member – Nawzer Billimoria email :
Home phone 9481 4669 (6pm to 9pm only)

Member – Farhad Khurshed email :
Home phone 9476 5696 (6pm to 9pm

Please email any article for Manashni to the editor new email address

We have also attached the calendar for our AZA members till end of this
year. May we request all members to come forward and take part in the


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