Survey for Zoroastrians Blueprint for Futre


Mr. Sam Balsara
is to present a paper on “The Zoroastrian Blue Print” at the ensuing World
Zoroastrian Congress in Dubai in December 09. To help him develop this, he is
mounting this survey among Zoroastrians and Parsis from around the world and
looking for what the community thinks is the current state vs. a few decades
ago and ideas to further the Community’s long cherished values.
Mr. Sam Balsara of Mumbai was conferred the 2009 Honorary
Member of the Year Award. He is the Chairman & Managing Director of
India’s largest Diversified Communication Group, Madison World, that he started
20 years ago. Today, Madison World is a Rs. 20 billion ($400M) company, with 20
units, employing over 600 communication experts, with offices in India, Sri
Lanka and Thailand. Among other honors, Mr. Balsara has been named by The
Economic Times as “India’s Most Influential Media Person.”
Sam wants
you to do a lot more than just fill the questionnaire by going to and requests
you to forward to ALL your friends
in North America and in fact all over the world including India and persuade
them to participate in this exercise.
Thanking You,
Bomi Patel


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