Song Ashem Vohu, Parsi Prayer of the Millenniums


My Dear Zarathushti brothers and sisters:

This message focuses on the spiritual consciousness of the Ashem Vohu prayer.

When I was a young boy, I was told that Ashem Vohu is one of the most powerful prayers in the Avesta.

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The literal meaning of Ashem Vohu given to me was: “To think a good thought, to speak a good word, to do a good deed…. is righteousness.

Happiness is to him who is righteous for the sake of being righteous”.

In other words, “Do the right thing because it is the right thing to do….. unconditionally”.

However, I wondered that, whether this right thing was to be done in the spirit of truth …. or love !!!!

Because, growing up, I observed that there was a lot of bang-bang on truth with no bing-bing on love (Ha Ha)

There was just too much focus on the love of truth, with little or no emphasis on the truth of love.

I also noticed that the Ashem Vohu prayer starts with “Ashem” (ASHA) and ends with “Ashem” (ASHA).

So, I was wondering how can the conscious circle of ASHA transform humanity without the element of LOVE in it.
That started my quest towards understanding the spiritual essence of the Ashem Vohu prayer.

Now, I believe that the foundation of all humanity is LOVE.
Without love humans will not survive as a result no religion will thrive.
The concept of religions do not exist without the dimension of love.

With that, I ask you to reflect as I now share the Spiritual essence of Ashem Vohu with you.

I hope it touches your spirit in the same way it did to mine.

The first “ASTI” in Ashem Vohu declares that there is “ASHA” and “VOHUMAN” in nature.
The second “ASTI” in Ashem Vohu declares that there is “USHTA” in nature.
“Ushta Ahmaai” means divine bliss is to him who is conscious of ASHA, VOHUMAN and USHTA in nature.
ASHA, VOHUMAN, and USHTA are the three pearls in the necklace of Ashem Vohu.
This necklace is like the Gireban of your Sudreh which touches your heart (where LOVE resides).

That is why the Gireban of your Sudreh is located on the HEART (LOVE) Chakhra of the human body.

It is meant that way because Ashem Vohu is the prayer of good heart. It throbs your heart through Ushta.
Asha has a spectrum of seven meanings… law, order, truth, beauty, righteousness, purity and freedom.
Ahura Mazda’s LAW and ORDER is the TRUTH, which expresses itself as BEAUTY in nature, and as RIGHTEOUSNESS, PURITY, and FREEDOM in humans.

Vohuman is the divine consciousness of Ahura Mazda and a goal to be achieved by the humans.

“Vohu” has the Avesta root of “Vah”, which corresponds to the sanskrit “Vas”
(Page 553, “The Divine Songs of Zarathushtra” by Dr. I. J. S. Taraporewalla)

“Vas” has five meanings…to shine, to dwell, to dress, to love and to aim.

To SHINE in the divine light, to DWELL in the house of divine consciousness, to DRESS in the garment of divine consciousness, to LOVE with the enlightened mind of the divine consciousness, and to AIM towards the manifestation of being a divine spirit.

USHTA is the propelling energy that inspires the VOHUMAN to stay on the path of ASHA.

USHTA means DIVINE LOVE, DIVINE BLISS and DEVOTION (There is no concept of bliss or devotion without the element of LOVE)

That is mainly from the Gatha USHTAVOOD.

Now, let us take a close look.

Out of FIVE Gathas one is devoted to USHTA (DIVINE LOVE, DIVINE BLISS and DEVOTION)

That Gatha is called the USHTAVOOD or USHTA-VAD Gathta.

The “VAD” means the “WORD”.

This Ushta-Vad Gatha is HIS (Ahura Mazda’s) WORD of USHTA (DIVINE LOVE, DIVINE BLISS and DEVOTION)
In short:
There is ASHA, USHTA, and VOHUMAN in Mazda’s creation USHTA is to those who use their VOHUMAN to be on the PATH of ASHA.

Let us Live…..and let Live….. The ASHEM VOHU.


In the spirit of Asha, Ushta, and Vohuman with Love and Light to you ALL

(: Meher Amalsad 🙂


I am thankful to the following sources of Inspiration:

1. Ahura Mazda, Zarathushtra, My Parents, Grandparents and family.

2. My personal discussions with VADA DASTURJI SAHEB Kaikhushroo Navroze Dastoor, Bombay, India.

3. Literature shared by Mrs. Silloo Mehta from the Mazdayasnie Connection, Cypress, California, USA.


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