Sassanian Parsi food

The first time I visited Sassanian was when I was in college in the mid-nineties. Forced by friends who were craving for Parsi food, I finally relented after minutes of cribbing, saying I’d had enough Parsi food at home. After our visit, my taste buds were enslaved. Trust me, the taste of salli chicken hasn’t changed since then, and my periodic craving keeps me coming back for more.
For young Zoroastrians who have no idea what Iran looks like or those who feel uprooted from their blissful seventies life in Tehran, this joint is the perfect place to reconnect. The concept of a lost homeland and the optimism of visiting it someday is reinforced in your memory thanks to the photographs in the restaurant.
Also, it’s the the pace in the restaurant that one treasures. It’s quite unlike other restaurants that are evenly priced that cater to the masses. A good break from the hustle-bustle of this monstrous city.
If you are in the mood for stand-up comedy and excellent Parsi food, Sassanian near Metro Cinema is the place to be. An added bonus: their Boulangerie.
The restaurant is timeless. With photographs from Iran adorning the walls, the restaurant has remained unchanged for decades. With attentive waiters and an amusing patron who cracks jokes from behind the counter, Sassanian resembles a regular bawa household.
Dhansak, sali chicken with pau, patra ni macchi, murghi na farcha and cutlets and patties are just some of the items on the menu that have been tried and tested and have secured 10/10 in my book.
Anytime is a good time to visit this joint – breakfast, lunch or dinner. But make sure you have enough room in your tummy for the delicious deserts from the boulangerie next door. And wait a minute, it gets better. You can even buy a sponge cake to take home with you for your midnight hunger pangs.
All in all, this is one of the last authentic Parsi joints left in this ever-changing city…one of the last ones that has defied time. On it’s 101 anniversary on 21st of March, we wish the patrons all the luck and thank-yous a thousand times over for the good ole bawa food and the impeccable Parsi humour that brightened up our days.


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