San Jose Sail Away/Z Class Registration


1. Come Sail Away with Frangis Ostowari!

If you always dreamed about that Caribbean Cruise, here is an opportunity
for our Zoroastrian fellows promoted by one of our community members,
Frangis Ostowari. A portion of each booking will be donated to Dar-e-Mehr.
Don¹t forget to mention you are from PZO group to get the exclusive deal.

For nifty details about this trip please see the attached flier.

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2. Z Class Registration

Did you miss the deadline to register for the upcoming Z Classes? Me too.
Woops! But, if you are returning and you have already prepared the
application, you can bring it to the picnic at the park! If you know which
park, then you are lucky because I don¹t! 🙂

For questions about Z Classes, please email

Discuss this announcement here:

PZO 14


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