San Jose, Questionnaire for Board of Trustee


Mr. Pishdadi has formed a group to research and organize a “board of
trustee” around PZO. Several meetings were held and a questionnaire was
formed to survey our community on how this group should be formed, what
responsibilities it should claim or how some operations in regards to the
community management should be changed.

Please see the attached files to this email or can be downloaded from the
discussion board link bellow. There are two versions, one Farsi and one
English. Deadline for mailing your replies is November 30th 2009.

You can discuss your answers or questions to this questionnaire here in this
discussion board:

Disclaimer: This questionnaire was formed by a group of independent
community members. PZO has no special interest in this questionnaire nor was
asked to participate in formation of this questionnaire. Furthermore, PZO
does not have nor will claim any responsibility of whatsoever in the process
of distribution, collection, and analyzing of this questionnaire. No person
or organization shall hold PZO accountable for this surveying process or its
outcome by any means including but not limited to: miscommunication or
misconduct of any information, fraud, loss or damage to anyone’s property,
reputation, and rights.

Your continuation in responding to this questionnaire means that you have
read and understood the above disclaimer and you have waived all your rights
as stated in the disclaimer regardless of any language you read, speak or
write or whether you are a community member or not.

Best Regards,

P.S. Should you be needing a passphrase to register in PZO website, try
€ ฆณpzo14€ ฆฒ.


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