Pune, Appeal for Donation for Khusru Daver

Pune, Appeal for Donation for Khusru Daver 1

Dear friends,

This is an appeal for my father who is a senior citizen in his mid 70s – Mr. Khusru Daver.
He served at the Patel Dokhma ( Tower of Silence ) in Pune as a caretaker for 10 years and then had to resign as he was diagnosed with elephantiasis and since September 2009 he is at home.

However, on 27th January he had a 3 seizure attacks and had to immediately be admitted in the hospital.
Right now he is admitted in Jehangir Hospital in Pune and is in the ICU.
The seizure attacks were like strokes which took place due to salts drained out of the body as he was prescribed a medicine (for the swellings of his legs) which caused excessive urination.

I am his daughter, Kainaaz Driver.
I am not working as I left my job 2 years back in order to take care of my child.
My brothers are in Mumbai.  The eldest is also working at the Dokhma ( Tower of Silence ) in Mumbai and my second brother isn’t well off either.
My brothers, from their salaries, send some money home every month to my parents which helps them to get their daily bread. But besides that there is no other source of income.

My mother too, has a broken wrist and is at home with a plaster on her hand.
My husband is the only working member of my family and I am not in a financial state to be able to fund the mounting hospital’s ICU Bills. (In a span of just 2 days the bills have already reached Rs.39,000/-) The little savings that I had, I’ve used up towards the previous medical bills for my parents and towards the deposit for the ICU which was Rs.35,000/-
But the bills are increasing by the day as he still has to be kept in the ICU for another 2 to 3 days and after that for observation he will have to remain hospitalized for another week or so.

My father served our Zoroastrian community selflessly and with a true heart.
He continued his service till his last physical ability.
He used to go to work even when he had severe swellings on his legs.

Unfortunately, my father, doesn’t have any savings of his own.
Though my eldest brother does have a corporate insurance policy, it has a very limited amount of Rs.1 Lakh shared between three people (my parents and my brother) and for the entire year. Besides from the amount of Rs.1 Lakh only Rs.25,000/- has been sanctioned.

I am not in a position, at present, to run about from one trust to another.
Hence, this is a sincere appeal to one and all, for direct donations.
Whoever can help in whatever small way, we would be highly obliged.
For those who cannot help us financially, please do remember us when you pray.

For anyone who would like to verify the details, my father, Mr. Khusru Daver is admitted in the ICU ward on bed no.118 in Jehangir Hospital , Pune.

If you decide to send a cheque or draft, then do remember to include your name and contact details please, in order to enable us to send an acknowledgement.

Cheques or drafts may be drawn in the name of Mr. Khusru Daver.
& may be sent to the following address:
Mr. Khusru Daver
c/o Mrs. Kainaaz Driver
J – 19/20
Konark Pooram
Pune 411 048

Tandarosti to all,
Kainaaz Driver


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