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Zarathustra Poem
Zarathustra Poem

We are no longer
Considered `”Sugar in the milk`
It’s us (Zoroastrians)
Who have roiled
Muddied diluted the “drink”

Who are we
To deny somebody
From practice our Faith?
Just a reminder
Carry your passport
With the Visa stamped:
As one pass
Through the
Pearly Gates

There may be
“Check points or Not”
That’s not for us
To determine
It’s up to the
One Above
Just to make sure
Person passing thru’
Is a “Zoroastrian”

What kind of ideology
Has been ingrained ?
We are living
On borrowed land
We are not pure
We were already
Diluted when we
Left Persia
And took refuge
On the shores of India

Pretending to be pure
Analyze yourselves
Get rid of your Ego
As well as Pride.
‘Cause very soon
When Our words
Turn to action
There will be
No where to hide.

Choicest Happiness



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