Poona Parsee panchayat allowing encroachments


Poona Parsee panchayat allowing encroachments 1Members of the Parsi community in the city are a worried lot. Many fear properties worth Rs 1,500 crore belonging to the community might be acquired by the government or taken over by land grabbers. Worse, there are those who say the charitable trust that controls these estates is trying to sell off prime properties to builders for peanuts.

Prime property: Bai Maneckbai PB Jeejeebhoy building of Poona Parsee Panchayat in Lulla Nagar. Pic/Jignesh Mistry Pointing fingers at the Poona Parsee Panchayat (PPP), a charitable trust that manages community funds and looks after its plots and bungalows, some in the community say the trust is hand-in-glove with the builder lobby.

Defending itself, the PPP claims it is in fact doing its best to protect its vacant plots across the city against not only illegal encroachment but also acquisition by the government.



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