Poem – A Zarathushtra Dared to Try


Poem - A Zarathushtra Dared to Try 1

Behind every success there is effort
Behind every effort there is passion
Behind every passion is someone
With the courage to try!

He was a very simple lad
Always satisfied with
What He had
He never did moan
Nor even once complain
That’s the way He
Was trained

Of His surroundings
He was very well
Aware of the
Misery & destruction
Every where!!!
Something inside Him
The passion was burning
Turning & churning
He finally decided to
Do something

Armed with Prayers
Ahura Mazda by
His side
He succeeded
In cutting the evil
To size.
He finally emerged
A Winner
`Cause He was able
To convince
The faithful & sinners,

He was able to succeed
One must know why??
`Cause He had the
Passion Will as well as
The “Courage” (Dared) to Try!!!


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