Phantom of Ferdusi and Shahname


Mir Jalal-Endin Kazai in the sitcom of Phantom of Ferdusi said:” Reflection of Fedrusi’s words is routed from Iran’s ideology.  Phantom of Ferdusi and Shahnameh belongs and provoked from Iran.”

Dr. Mir Jalal-Endin, professor of Literature and Shahnameh analyst, spoke in a meeting titled as “Phantom of Ferdusi” in evening of Thursday in Ebne Sina Cultural seminar Hall.  In this sitcom he mentioned that Ferdusi’s words are from Iranian Values and even if we don’t see it now, but our thoughts, words and deeds has a reflection of it.”
In Kazai’s belief, what makes a person is his disposition, his nature, but another kind of nature exists known as “I an Iranian” that is the foundation of our “My personality” which bases our words and actions.
He pointed to the reflections of “I an Iranian” on to the daily behaviors of Iranian and said:” if there is a psychological quiz, you would observe that Iranians reaction is equal for one supposed behavior and this comes from the “I an Iranian” conscious and this is what known as phantom of Iran.”
Kazai believes that conscious and cultural are two sides of a coin where conscious is the unwiring, sudden side of a person and cultural is the controlling side. And therefore he considers Shahnameh the letter of conscious and culture, because it has the culture and the Iranian conscious.
Thoughts, actions, good name and happiness are the four base principles of Ferdusi’s Shahname.
Aamir Sadeghi another Shahname Reader and analyzer say that “Shahname is just not a bed time story to spell to the kids for their sleep; it has stories of all the Iran and Iranian great experiences, devotion to Iran and society.”
Sadegi added that “Ahriman, evil and dragons are supposed to keep as a very interesting topic of literature research. Evils and dragons are not for real but they were used to express the negative nature and aspect of the stories or personalities, which shows the great and powerful imagination of Ferdusi.”
Ferdusi’s believe of being good to all people, even your enemies is observed in Shahname and shows his nobleness to the people of Iran.
At event was ended with the great Siyavash story of shahname read by professor Sadegi.


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