Parsis Traditions, “Chom e shvaa”


Yes. I remember as a child my grandmother in Surat used to save a small part of her meal and offer it to a stray dog . I have also witnessed this practice in Yazd.
The late Mary Boyce, during my many conversations (Re: Z traditions on the Subcontinent versus parallel traditions continued in Iran) was fascinated when I mentioned the backdoor was always used. This would be consistent with our principles of hygiene and practice of ethics in real life.
More than 1,300 years of the separation of the Avestan peoples in two far flung areas of the world has not erased the memory of ancient practices. Only an insignificant difference still exists- the occasional (insensitive & perhaps unavoidable) jabbering in Gujarati and Farsi at the wrong time in group conversation still seems to remain a small stumbling block.
A generation or two in our Diaspora will take care of this, too.

Sam Kerr (Sydney, Australia)


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