Parsis New Year E-Cards


It’s Zoroastrian New Year. Time to celebrate with your friends/ family/ colleagues. Send warm wishes and reach out to all you know through our egreetings to wish them joy and happiness in the coming year.


Following is a list of E-Greetings online for Zoroastrian New Year and the Parsi New Year.



  • Parsi New Year Wishes
  • Noruz Mubarak Greetings
  • NOROUZ greetings
  • Persian New Year
  • Sal-e no Mubarak
  • Zoroastrian New Year
  • Happy Parsi New Year
  • Happy and Prosperous Noruz
  • Best Wishes of Parsi New Year

Click here to send a Zoroastrian New Year E-Greetings


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