Parsi Ride for Cancer


Parsi Ride for Cancer 1
BANGALORE, India (December 10, 2010) € ¢ā’ ’³ 28-year-old Mumbai born and bread Neville
Wadia looks to raise awareness and funds for a cancer awareness centre in Mumbai
by riding his bicycle solo from Bangalore to Bombay a distance of 1000 kms. over
a period of 10 days.
After spending 5 years studying and working in Australia, Neville returned to
Bombay and settled into what would be considered a regular 9-5 lifestyle which
provided him a decent standard of living. While he did realise this is what life
was € ¢ā’ ’øsupposed€ ¢ā’ ’¹ to be now that he was done with his education this void began to
develop inside of him. There had to be a greater reason than just living through
this mundane 9-5 existence. He packed his bags and left the city and started to
travel around India to see what was out there. Coming towards the end of this
adventure he had many realisations, one of which was that we each have a role to
play on this earth, which does not just involve filling our pockets, but to
contribute back in some way. Therefore, he decided to use his passion for travel
and adventure not only for selfish means but to give back to society in some
Neville plans on riding a bicycle on his own from Bangalore to Bombay a distance
of 998 kms. He is looking to do this as energy efficiently as possible with no
pursuit car or TV crew or any such thing. He intends on leaving Bangalore on the
13th of December 2010 and making it to Bombay in 10 days. He will ride
approximately a 100 kms. a day stopping every evening in a town along the way.

One thing that he has always been intrigued by is cancer, how it has suddenly
reared its ugly head into our world. He will contribute all the money he raises
to the Health Awareness Centre (HAC), a corporation in Mumbai that runs a
recovery centre to treat so called € ¢ā’ ’øterminally ill€ ¢ā’ ’¹ cancer patients with diet
and exercise to improve their quality of life and attempt to reverse the

Neville will be posting daily updates on facebook and on a blog
( which will be created for this event to allow
€ ¢Ā everyone to be a part of this adventure with him, for although he is just one
person on a bike, he would like to think he is not alone in his actual mission.
Contact: Neville Wadia 98201 04602


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