Parsi Fire Temple, Delhi, 50th Anniversary


NEW DELHI: In the history of Delhi, Parsis are a small but significant presence; their oldest graves in the city date back to the second-half of the 19th century.Yet, the Parsis did not have a place of community worship for many decades. Delhi Parsi Anjuman (DPA) president Dadi E Mistry, now in his 70s, remembers how his grandfather would have a holy fire burning in their own house.In 1961, a Dar-e-Mehr (fire temple) was finally established in the capital. Even today the fire temple, located near Delhi Gate, remains the only place of collective worship for the Parsis in the city. On Dec 18 and 19, the community will commemorate the golden jubilee of the consecration of the Agiary fire. The DPA has planned seminars, jashans (havans) and even a traditional Parsi fashion show to commemorate the special event.


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