Parsi Bawas Jokes



Some of the Parsi Jokes that we have compiled below, if you know any parsi jokes do kindly reply in the comment below.

You know you are a Bawa (or a very close friend of one) if:

  • You look at the clock and tell the time by saying, “It’s time for a drink!”
  • You are looking at a pretty girl and describing her to your wife (Khodiaji eh ainey makhan-malido thi banavyuch!)
  • Eggs are God’s Gift and that you have a birth-right to eat them whenever you want, wherever you want & as many as you want.
  • The greatest catastrophe you have faced is that the liquor is over at home.
  • The second greatest catastrophe is the eggs getting over at home.
  • Dhansak is a dish of 4th day mourning of a funeral. Which gives you the God-given right to have it every Sunday, in mourning for the Monday to come tomorrow.
  • You have at least 3 relatives with the same first-name (e.g Freni, Keti, Banu etc), causing you to add suffixes such as gandi (mad), lukhhi (thin or miserly) and nalli / motti (younger/older).
  • M.C & B.C are completely non-offensive & normal terms of endearment in completely civil language. The closer the friend, the weirder the swear word. (e.g Tari ghaderi no legho chootyo)
  • You have one crazy passion that you just cannot let go of, from the age of 9 to the age of 90, be it cars, bikes, flying, repairing clocks, stamp collection, coin collection, painting, music, dance, drama or movies.
  • Helping a friend in need is as natural at breathing to you. You do not think about it, it just happens automatically, most of the time without you realizing it.
  • You know one Bawa joke for every Sardar joke you ever heard.
  • You know one Sardar joke for every Gujju joke you ever heard.
  • You know one Gujju joke form every Bawa joke you ever heard.
  • You are on a first name basis with the Almighty, and a couple of swear words while addressing any Higher power is purely out of familiarity.
  • You never make enemies and neither do you forget them!


Parsi films that never made it to the big screen!!!

The classic Shakespearean remakes:
  • Rumi and Juliet
  • Much Bhonu about Nothing
  • The Taming of the Kekashrew
Other classics:
  • Moby Dikra
The erotic classic:
  • Cama Sutra
Classic WW2 films:
  • A Bridge too Farrokh
  • The Battle of the Bulsaras
  • The Rhyme of the Ancient Nariman
  • When Homi met Salli
  • The Mehroo Wives of Windsor
Don’t forget Tom Hanks in “Kasti-way” & the great Bollywood cricketing epic “Lagaanu bhonu”.
The perennial favourites (drum roll):
  • Pearl Harbourwalla
  • Kersiblanca
  • Pretty Boman
  • Dirty Dhansak
  • Guns of Navroze
  • Where Eagles Darius
  • The Good, the KekoBad and the Dagli
  • Bend it like Baman
And last but not the least: One Flew over Cusrow Baug
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