Pakistan, Parsi Community Celebrates Nowruz

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Pakistan, Parsi Community Celebrates Nowruz 1KARACHI: The Parsi community in the city celebrated Nauroz on Sunday as the Persian New Year started on Saturday.

Parsis celebrate Nauroz by visiting relatives, friends and neighbours and also spend time with senior family members.

Parsis are the smallest religious minority of Pakistan with 20,000 populations as per the 1998 census.

A member of the Parsi community told Daily Times that Parsis start preparing for Nauroz a week before the day and buy new cloths and gifts.

“Beside visiting friends, relatives and senior family members, many Parsis also offer special dishes to their guests, as a part of the celebrations,”
he said. staff report

MARCH 22, 2010

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Nadim Ahmed
Nadim Ahmed
9 years ago

I am looking for a Parsi girl. Her name is Pervez Shaw. She is tall and fair. She did her B.E from NED University of Engg & Tech in Electrical Engineering. If anyone knows about her then please let me know
[email protected]