Ordibehesht Months Gahanbar will be organized by help of elementary school children


Dastur Mehrab Vahidi informed on 2nd Feb 09, that the Gahanbar festival of Ordibihesht month will be held with help of Gev and Jamshid Jam elementary school students.
He mentioned that participating in Ganbar and helping in the organizing the event, begins from the time, the person realizes that he or she  can support it, and added for this Gahanbar the Dastur Anjuman has decided to allow the children to organize the event, with their own choices, having their parents supervision on it.
The 2nd Feb Gahanbar event was supervised by the Sharifabad Zoroastrian Anjuman of Ardekan, know as Asha Organization, and also having support from Tehran Dastur Anjuman. This event was supposed to be held for Novjate, but since there were no children candidates for Novjate, this event turned into a Gahanbar.
Taking the opportunity of this event, Dastur Vahidi, spoke about few works and tasks which Dastur Anjuman have done in this year: “Sponsoring the prayers on Ordibehesht day of every month in Tehran’s big Fire temple,  helding session of discussion for topics regarding improving the societies strengths,  applying a request and negotiating with Tehran’s municipality commissioning to have the Sorush Yazad of Ordibehesht month as the Day for Birds of nature, Replying to Shahid Beheshti university question regarding the ceremonies done for the person having brain hemorrhage,  working with the Genetics Org of Iran on proving that the Genetic science is an Iranian- home born science- and not something created by west,  preparing the new edition of Theology book about Zoroastrian for 9th  standard Zoroastrian children and planning to complete the same work for 10th standard books as well, announcing a letter to government showing its support against Gaza’s latest attacks, also preparing a well wishing letter to the national media org in order to not use the Iranian traditional names for the negative roles in the national T.V serials and films, which has been accepted with the help of the Zoroastrian Parliament Representative, and last but not the least thanking the communities 2 weeks edition newspaper -Amordad- for their hard work and carrying out all the various news of the society and addressing it to correct audiences.”
The additional to do plans for the Dasturs anjuman is to, gather all the titles of all the Iranian, historical books, from all over the globe, which have some link or words about the old Iran and Persia and create a global archive which could be used by anyone who Is interested. 
To make a Zoroastrian atlas about all the cultural and historical places which have some link to Zoroastrian culture.


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