Ontorio Parliament, Nowruz Canada, Year 3750Z

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Please watch Reza Modiri’s speach in Ontorio parliament about Nowruz 3750Z and Asho Zarathushtra’s teachings.


In the year 3750: Thus Spoke Zarathushtra international conference of
scholars on Zoroastrianism
Vancouver, 2-3 June 2012 www.3750Z.com/conference.htm
<http://www.3750Z.com/conference.htm> List of Lectures in
alphabetical order: Zoroastrianism and the Environment Ms. Shahin
Bekhradnia Zarathushtra’s Value System for Humanity in Gathas
Mobed Bahram Deboo Zarathushtra’s World: What Can We Know About
Ancient Indo-Iranian Society? Dr. Richard Foltz Teachings of
Zarathushtra for the Modern World Dr. Daryoush Jahanian Excerpts from
Zarathushtra Teachings Dr. Ardeshir Khorshidian Why Bad Health
Happens to Good People… A Zarathushti Response Mr. Firdosh Dara Mehta
Is Zoroaster’s Message Still Valid? Dr. Enrico Giuseppe Raffaelli
Gatha of Zarathushtra: A Better Future for Mankind Mr. Fariborz
Rahnamoon ArÉ™duuî Sûrâ Anâhitâ: An Indo-European
River Goddess Ms. Manya Saadi-nejad In the Path of the Prophet:
Traditional Stories of the Life of Zarathushtra as a Source of
Inspiration and Devotional Practice Mr. Daniel Sheffield Power and
Strength to Advance Family & Community Dr. Rostam Vahidi Except 2, all
lectures would be presneted in English. If translation headset is
required, please pay for its rent when purchasing your admission
tickets(in advance).

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