Of Mice and Men

Women are not to
Be kicked around

Or put them on

Shelf for later use
Not either to be maimed raped
Or sexually abused.
There are far greater
Priorities than saving
Atash Behrams or Agiaries
Why aren’t you
Adding your voices to stop
Young helpless innocent
Girls from being gang raped?
In villages towns & cities
Are you all mice or all men?
What about the “Learned and
The Wise”?
Can’t one not lend a
A helping hand
Speak up or join the fray
Stop these atrocities from taking place?
What if it were your
Wife sister your daughter?
What would you do?
Look the other way?
Or will you go
Full tilt?
Or take law into
One’s hand & wring
The rapist’s neck?
Of course
As long as it
It is not in
One’s backyard
Why does one care?
Zoroastrianism preaches
Equality Tolerance Respect
As well Humility
Treat people with respect and dbignity
Regardless of colour caste or creed
Make use of the “Holy Ways”
By playing a part outside of
The  Zoroastrian  community
Instead of hiding behind one’s
“Ivory Towers”
Choicest Happiness
Choicest Happiness


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