Ode to the Dasturjis


Dear Dasturjis:

You believe that
That most you
Are true Zoroastrians
As well as Blue Blooded
Nobody is Pure
Or blue blooded as
We are all “contaminated”.

You are Dasturs of
The Zoroastrian Community
Well versed in Holy Scriptures
As well as rituals
Praying in front
Of the Holy Fire
But,all you have
Done so far
Stoked the sentiments
Of Racism Discrimination
Segregation Bigotry
Higher & higher

From me you
Get no respect
‘Cause to expect
Respect one
Has to one it

You will not receive
Special Treatment
Just because one’s priest
As well a Zoroastrian
When one’s soul
Arrives at the
Pearly Gates
Your soul
Will have wait it’s turn
Whether it will be free
Or it will burn.

Step down from
Your pedestal
Start making amends
Have a spine
Lead the community
Before Zoroastrianism
Meets it’s end

Choicest Happiness



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