Nowruz Article, Persian Version


Every year many American officials have to struggle with saying “Eyde Shoma

Mobaarak” when addressing the Iranian community. “Nowruz Piruz” is the
shortest and easiest way to convey New Year’s greetings, but most Iranians
choose to teach the greeting in Arabic instead of the easier Persian to
their American counterparts.

Many Iranians protest the re-naming of Persian Gulf to Arabian Gulf, but
have no problem with changing their New Year’s greeting form Persian to
Arabic! In fact “Eyde Shoma Mobaarak” contains twice as much Arabic as
“Arabian Gulf “. If “Arabian Gulf” puts claim only on a body of water,
“Mobaarak” as it thrives from “Tabarrok” puts a hold on the Iranian way of
thinking, a contradiction to the indigenous Iranian school-of-thought of

Most linguists believe that “Nowruz” is the best English spelling for the
Iranian New Year. The Indo-European “New” is “Now” and it rolls as it

The year recognized by most Iranians in 2011 AD is 1390 Hejri, which marks
the start of history on the day when Prophet Mohammad traveled from Mecca to
Medina, but it omits a few thousand years of glorious Iranian culture,
heritage and history. Even the old calendar uses the birthday of Cyrus the
Great as its starting date and still leaves out some history. However, the
Zarathushtrian year of 3749 (2011 AD) covers most of the Iranian saga.

After all, we might be in the midst of an Iranian Renaissance.

Nowruz Piruz

And a happy 3749

Arman Ariane


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