navroze mubarak

Parsis celebrate Navroze with grandeur in Mumbai

Parsi community in Mumbai celebrate Navroz

Parsi community celebrates new year Navroz

Members of Parsi community celebrate their new year Navroz in Ahmedabad.

Parsi people offer prayers on occasion of ‘Navroz’ at Heritage fire temple at Churchgate, Mumbai.

Navroz marks the unity in diversity of Indian culture with the focus on human values.

Parsis celebrate new year at fire temple at Dadar Parsi Colony.

Navroz is a celebration of nature and is dedicated to renewal, righteous living and harmony

Navroz is an important symbol of our rich heritage and a vibrant composite culture.

Navroz symbolises new beginnings and is seen as a harbinger of peace and prosperity.

Parsi children greet each other on Navroz at Rustam Faramna Agiary in Dadar, Mumbai.

Parsis celebrated their New Year ‘Navroz’ – the festival which is a reflection of the rich diversity and inclusiveness of Indian culture – on August 18.



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